Pay our Teachers

Teachers may have more responsibility than any other profession, and there are so many incumbents that perform poorly everyday. Teachers are supposed to educate every child that comes through the school doors until they are 18.

Then how come there are so many damn idiots running around this country/world? Simply put, there are a large amount of people who hold the title “Teacher” that don’t have the skills and abilities to positively effect these children.

That raises the question, why don’t we just get better teachers? Why don’t we just find the applicants who are well informed,  kind, patient, and good role models? Maybe it’s because very few of those people are applying. The reason being is that teachers are severely underpaid.

So many people complain about how much money professional athletes get paid. They should be paid much more than the average person because they have uncommon skills and can do their job better than nearly everyone else in the country. Why don’t we take this standard, and apply it to educators?

I have been lucky enough to meet some inspirational teachers who excel at their job. If we start paying them at a rate that reflects the impact they have on the population in America, then this would attract more qualified applicants and rid the school system of those “teachers” who don’t make a positive impact.

You don’t see brain surgeons who come into work and under perform everyday. To be a brain surgeon you have to be the best of the best, and they are paid like it. That is exactly how we should treat our teachers.


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