The Pursuit of Happiness

As I sit here trying to keep my eyes open while I scroll through Facebook, I come across this video that one of my friends posted. The video is of some guy teaching the world to be happier. His main point is that you should never chase happiness, you should let it find you.

I thought about that for a minute and could only come to one conclusion – bullshit.

The idea of going through the monotonous motions of an unguided day and waiting for happiness to fall in your lap is ridiculous.

If you take this approach, you are more likely to indulge in the phenomenon we call anhedonia, the inability to feel pleasure. I believe that if you don’t chase happiness or work for it, then you start to lose sight of your passion and exactly what it is that makes you happy.

I may not be the best person to tell you that you should vigorously pursue happiness because I am writing this in my office of a job that provides little to no happiness. Or maybe that is in fact what makes me qualified to give that advice.

Point being, although it may be challenging to find your passion or what makes you happy, and even harder to dedicate your life to it.. what else are we living for?


One thought on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Have to agree with you on this. If we never seek happiness would we ever know the difference between joy and melancholy as a monkey doesn’t no the existence of science because he never seeked to understand the workings of the nature.

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