The Threat of Not Being Able to Think For Yourself

One of the biggest problems we face is the inability to think for ourselves. I see people fall victim to conformity every single day. It comes in all forms. Political parties, religions, and other organizations take away the opportunity from a lot of people to think for themselves. What is even worse is when a young person is born into a situation where the parents reinforce the prescribed list of thoughts they must have.

I would never say that every religious person, politician, or other members are bad people. Some of the best people I know are Christians. Unfortunately there are people who are force fed an ideology and blindly accept it without asking questions.

When you are presented with a question like “How do you feel about abortion?” you shouldn’t automatically think well I am a republican/democrat/christian/muslin so I must think this way. You should think about it as an individual. Take it into consideration and make a consciousnesses decision.

How is this world to improve if we stifle our intellect?


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