2016 Politics Broke My Heart 

In my heart, and my soul, there is a discomfort directly caused by the 2016 presidential election. I so badly want a qualified leader. 

First Trump breaks my heart by simply being who he is. How can someone have such disdain for people of color? It’s saddening. 

Then Hillary breaks my heart by lying to the public about Benghazi. She is so focused on being president that she and the rest of Obama’s team sit in a meeting while Americans are being attacked and try to come up with a lie that won’t damage their reputation. Luckily she was caught in her web of lies thanks to wiki leaks. However, she keeps defending her actions and is about to become our next president instead of being removed from politics as she should have been. 

Then Bernie, oh how I fought for you Bernie. I stand beside you on what you are trying to do for this world. But the minute you asked me to vote for Hillary, you lost my respect, and broke my heart. 

Lastly, but certainly not the least devastating is the citizens of America. In this time of controversy we have not decided to come together and demand better from our politicians. Instead, we turned the hate on each other. Blinded by the system and fueled by hate, we are part of the problem. 

So as I look into our near future, I am filled with sadness. I am not a nationalist by any means, but even I feel heartbroken. 


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