Life In A Wave

This one may be a bit corny for you all, but that is fine, for there is truth in it.

Saturday night I was standing where the soft sand meets the Atlantic Ocean. I was instantly captivated by the elegance of the moon as it danced on the waves. I wasn’t stressed about anything I had to come home to the next day; I was happy.

I began to watch each wave and appreciate their individuality. Not one wave took the exact path of another. They were all aesthetically similar but each added a personal touch.

I started to think how similar the waves were to life as a whole, and it may not be groundbreaking but it was a comforting metaphor. I realized that although each wave begins the same and relatively ends the same, their paths are all different, much like our lives.

Some waves picked up new things along the way and discarded others the same. We go through life and pick up new friends and buy new objects. Although each have an impact on the paths we take, it is only the ones that stick with us that help define us at the end.

I could physically see each wave grow stronger and then finally as it approached the shore, it faded into a memory of what it once was.

The current going back into the ocean reminded me that even those that have reached the shore, can still influence our lives after they’re gone.

Not only did I grow an appreciation for the ocean that day, I found that everything that happens to us shapes our path to some extent.


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