No More Deaths

Another black man dead.

Another police officer resigned.

Another country divided.


I am afraid we can’t go on like this much longer.

The love is fading and the hate is much stronger.

Officer put away the gun and let’s talk.

Black men, hold my hand and let’s walk.

Violence will only perpetuate the problems.

Looting the stores is no way to solve them.

Lay down your weapons and use your words.

Admit there is a problem, then we can go forward.

Both sides pointing fingers, both sides pointing guns.

No solution thus far, so a war has begun.


You have a black uniform, your life matters.

You have a black skin tone, your life matters.

No more, and no less, they matter the same.

Lives have been taken, there is a lot of blame.

We must monitor those who monitor the law.

Like those murderers in the videos we saw.

Both sides can stand up and make a change.

Though it may seem far-fetched, it is in our range.

Love one another, and the hate will dissipate.

Will we grow or fall apart? I guess we’ll have to wait.



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