Be Smart, Be Kind, Be Aware.

Be Smart, Be Kind, Be Aware.

Anybody can be smart. Being smart is not memorizing a bunch of facts. Being smart is being well read. It is knowing where we came from and where we have to go. It is trying to be a better person everyday instead of self-depreciating. If everyone took a few minutes of their day to learn the identities of the politicians that run our world, maybe they would actually represent the people. Since when did it become a positive attribute to be ignorant? I am tired of seeing people brag about failing tests, being terrible at math, not knowing politics, and other things that could improve your life. It just takes a little effort to try and learn a few things each day.

It is so easy to be kind. How hard is it to hold a door open or give a compliment? Yes, there are some people irritate you so much with their rudeness that it feels a lot better to scream at them; Do not fall to their level, be kind. You don’t know what hell someone is going through; a smile or a could save a life. Listen to each other instead of waiting on your turn to talk. Empathy is powerful, but the lack of empathy is even stronger.

Please be aware of your surroundings. Concentrate on where you are going and be careful not to obstruct someone else’s path. Be aware of what is going on in the world because everything is connected. Put down the phone once in awhile and talk to the person next to you. Be aware of who is running your country. Be aware of the condition of the world. Be aware of other people’s feelings. Be familiar with your surroundings and you will be set up for making better decisions.




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