Explaining America To A Man From Mars

I overheard an interesting conversation today.

As I sat on the bench in the middle of Central Park, two gentlemen took the seats next to me.

They did not appear to know each other or maybe they have just met.

“So tell me, how long have you been on earth?” One gentleman asked.

“I left Mars only two days ago. My wife wants to see all of the famous landmarks on Earth and learn about it’s history. Until recently, we have only guessed at our esoteric happenings and what Earth is like.”

“Where have you been so far on Earth?”

“We have only been here in America, North America so far. Have you lived here your whole life?”

“Yes sir! And very proud to be an American.”

“That is great! Please tell me about your country.”

“We are the land of the free! Best place on Earth.”

“America is the only free country on planet Earth? That is terrible news.”

“Well no, there are other countries that are free I guess.”

Another man walking by casually said “Around 86 free countries on this planet.”

Feeling relieved, the man from Mars asked “How was your country born?”

“A brave man named Christopher Columbus found this land when he set sail in 1492. Ever since then we Americans started building from nothing and made a beautiful country.”

“Wow he must have been so happy to find all this land with nobody living here already.”

“Well there were some folks that lived here called Indians. But they let us live with them.”

“That was really nice of the Indians. Are they still in charge of their land?” The man from Mars asks.

“No that belongs to the Americans. Come to think of it, i’m not sure what happened to all of those Indians.”

At this point in the conversation I cannot believe this American has never heard of Native Americans and what happened to them.

“I see many humans with darker skin here, are those people the Indians who lived here first?” The man from Mars asks.

“Oh no, those are African Americans.”

“Why don’t they live in Africa? How did they get here?

“Well, a long time ago there were some Americans who went to Africa and brought them back here so they could do slave work for the wealthy. But that is over with.”

“That is terrible! How could someone oppress a culture like that?”

“It was a long time ago, everyone has forgotten about it and we’re all even.” The American says.

“I don’t think this place is what I thought it was.” The man from Mars said.

“This is the greatest place in the world.”

“Have you traveled to all the other countries?” The man from Mars asks.

“Of course not. What do they have that we don’t?”

“A different perspective of America.”

I stood up at that point and thanked the man from Mars for visiting this country and wished him well on his travels.


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