Describing Blue To A Man Born Blind

How do you show a person that their ways are all wrong?

Philosophical discussion or even write them a song?

More often than not, you cannot change someones mind.

You’ll have better luck describing blue to a man born blind.


You know wholeheartedly that your views are right.

The ignorant are living in darkness and you can give them light.

How dare they defend the idea that not all humans are equal?

You’re killing the environment and there will be no sequel.


Is there a chance they are right? Am I possibly mistaken?

Are all of my beliefs false? Am I not the one awaken?

Am I the one misled? Do I even know what’s real?

Doubt your thoughts, doubt yourself, tell me how does it feel?


I feel I am right, because I do doubt myself.

Why would you keep picking the same book on the shelf?

We tell two different stories, but can they both coexist?

We both play our parts but don’t know if the show exist.


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