The First Two Chapters In My Book

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Good morning followers, I seek your help today. I am embarking on a journey that is unfamiliar to me. I am writing a novel (attempting to). I ask that, if you have some free time, please review the first two chapters as hyperlinked above. Basically what I am looking for is feedback as to whether or not the story makes sense and/or is intriguing. You see, I have the world that this novel takes place in, in my head; But since this is my first time trying to project that image into others minds, I’d rather know sooner than later in the book if I need to make major changes. I suppose the book will be categorized as Young-Adult, dystopian, or some other tag. My goal is not to have it chained to a specific genre, rather to provide universal themes and tell a tale that could be appreciated by everyone. Thank you.


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