The Fail of The Skinny Repeal Bill

Last night, upon the midnight hour, the senate took a vote to determine if roughly 15 million people would lose their health care coverage. Why at these hours? Criminals often strike at night; they steal from others as they sleep.

Luckily, three brave republicans joined the forty-eight determined democrats to shut down the “Skinny repeal bill”. Those republicans, John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, stepped across the aisle and saved lives.  The climax of the night belonged to the moment when John McCain, who has been on record in favor of repealing Obamacare, arrived fashionably late to cast his vote. He stepped up to the podium during roll call and loudly proclaimed “NO”. He then sauntered out of camera while the senate floor reacted with gasps. There were some applause from the democrats but the loudest sound in the room was the shattering of Mitch McConnell’s hopes for the night; and oh what a sweet sound that is.

McCain voted no because “Skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal & replace Obamacare w/ meaningful reform.” Trump followed McCain’s tweet with one of his own, “3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down. As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!” I thought about taking a few paragraphs to detail Donald’s ignorant approach but if you can’t see that letting people lose their health care and die for a political victory is wrong, then I doubt your misguided ass continued to read to the end of this post.



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