I See You

I know you feel the cold hand of depression on your shoulder, I beg you don’t ignore it.

Forced to play many roles before you were ready.

Not single step taken has been towards a selfish destination.

So caring and giving, yet never given to thine self.

Chameleon to your environment, what’s one to be in the vast empty space of loneliness?

Beloved by all, I’m sure you could learn to love you too.

Painting a smile on your face is a daily struggle, though it does make the sun rise.

Take that mask off, don’t hide any longer.

You are a gift to the world, it’s about time you introduce yourself.

Everything your heart desires is inside you already.

Brave flowers, confident flowers, but they all need nurturing.

Each day we are given a new opportunity, to define who we are.

It’s okay to cry, it’s normal to be scared.

I wrote this to let you know that I cared.


So kind and generous, just be nicer to yourself.

Everything you touch, turns into beauty.

Please know this magic flows both ways.

You may feel lost now, but I know you’ll overcome.

You’ll swim through the waters, and barely make it out.

You’ll climb the mountains, and use every bit of strength.

I know you will because when you reach the top, you will find your identity.



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