America- Land of the Native Americans, and home of the slaves.

Swastikas, Klan members, torches, and hate decorated Charlottesville Virgina. Despite what Donald says, there was not a single decent human being in that group. They are inexcusable and pathetic. I am disgusted by their actions.

I am furious at the white supremacists/ Neo-Nazis, the people making excuses for them, and of course Donald. That being said, there is something about these terrorizing events that angers me more.

There are millions of people who, while condemning the terrorists, made the following ignorant statement: “That kind of hate and white supremacy is not what America is about.” Or something along those lines.

White supremacy and violence is EXACTLY what America is built on. It is the very foundation that started this country. Does everyone forget that this land was taken from people who called this land home? Those native to this land were murdered and raped until the land was no longer theirs. If that wasn’t enough, those same pillagers brought Africans over so they could work them to death. They used their “superiority” to rape the colored women, murder the colored men, and destroy their heritage.

We shouldn’t be hiding behind the good old American slogans that were forced down our throats growing up. Do not try to “restore American values” because that is in fact what the terrorist are trying to do with their white supremacy. Instead, let us use our love and empathy to silence the ignorant, and try to create a new and welcoming America.


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