We Were Taught How To Hate

From our very first breath, we are conditioned to hate.

Geographical location of birth deciding your fate.

This world does not belong to one kind or race.

It belongs to our souls, not the color of our face.


Too many teach hate so it has become so natural.

They spew words like venom and they aren’t even factual.

Find me the proof, that your skin is worthier than others.

Defend why you enslaved your sisters and brothers.


How dare you hate someone for their sexual preference.

Then use an outdated book for your point of reference.

Who are you to tell someone their gender identity?

You’re not all knowing, don’t yell how the world will end to me.


Whether it come from a flag, a book, or lyrics in a song.

Unwarranted hate in your heart, will always be wrong.


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