The Celebration of Christopher Columbus: Murderer, Slave Owner, and National Treasure

For far too long, Americans have been celebrating a man who brought terror to thousands of people. Christopher Columbus was not a “brave navigator who discovered the New World”. No, he was a murderer, a rapist, a slave owner and trader, and he was responsible for the genocide of the indigenous people who lived on that land.

Sounds appalling right? He should be condemned for these actions right? In reality, his actions earned him a national holiday. How pathetic.

I would like to believe that his false sense of superiority and cruel ways were buried with him in 1506. Of course I know this to be incorrect. His essence has been apparent in many decisions that have been made in this country. Slavery, torture, sex trade, and other horrific crimes committed in this country were preceded by the man who “discovered” the land, thus the acts became natural.

On this disgraceful holiday, please ask yourself what is right, not what is natural in this country. If interested, please read and learn more about the indigenous people of this land. If you feel so inclined, you can donate to charities such as .

Happy Indigenous day readers.


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