Love or Lust

Two kids, filled to the brim with passion.

They might have called it love but that is something they would find later.

They sit in the car, refusing to leave the other’s company.

He looks at her and they smile because they know what is to come.

She turns her car off, letting him know that she has time.

He holds her hand and thanks her for the ride home.

Their teenage nerves are nearly too much to handle. No matter how many times they sit in this moment, it feels new every time.

She moves closer to him and the cold air surrounding them begins to warm.

No matter how cold the night, their passion cannot be numbed.

He grabs her by her grey-wool coat and presses his lips to hers.

She kisses him with a hunger that she never knew she had.

Sometimes to this day, he can still feel the curls of her hair between his fingers.


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