Poisoning Ourselves

Why can’t we live without ingesting the poison?

Constantly seeking a solution in which we can take joy in.

It’s the carefully brewed potion that kills many souls.

We drink the last drop, while our loved ones dig holes.

The sweet nectar is only the first poison we’ve entered yet.

We seek pleasure so often, that we have sex with the internet.

Addicted, humans are all addicted.

Some so strong, they are conflicted.

Some so weak, they are convicted.

We hold poisons up to our lips, the fiery hell in our face.

This poison, makes us lose our grips, our lazy feet slip off base.

The more poison we ingest, the more we befriend the apothecary.

We don’t know what we’re doing, the decisions are arbitrary.

Yet we do, willfully take in these poisons.

Even the devout, will even sit back and enjoy sins.

If we even knew how to stop the poisoning, would we?

If he could simply unplug it from the wall, should he?

I don’t have the answer, maybe it’s about balance and moderation.

But failing to correctly mask the problem could lead to asphyxiation.

Maybe all we can do, is to stay true to ourselves.

Race towards the heavens, or live in our hells.


3 thoughts on “Poisoning Ourselves

  1. This poem brought tears to my eyes for so many different lines, for so many different reasons. It’s becoming all to much! The internet brought to my attention too many harsh realities that do not belong to me ..but yet they do, because it is my world too! I am sorry that I ever signed on? ..the pain of the people of the world will now forever be a part of me! What to do!? This poem, your poem, is spectacular and heartbreaking for those who enormously care! Bravo Poet!

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