Fighting Herself

Her holy water is being tampered with,

But now she likes the way it taste.

She cannot find self control,

She has lost it in her haste.


Her guards that once stood up strong

are now acquiescent to his whims.

Intentions become blurred,

as she lays wrapped up in his limbs.


She puts up a fight against her urges,

or so she makes it seem.

For she is afraid of what she might become

if she forgoes her scheme.


This isn’t who she is.

What spell has he cast upon her?

She has found a new world,

but has she lost her honor?


Her mistakes from her past,

are being reflected onto him.

But she is drowning in his presence,

and she forgot how to swim.


It’s an internal struggle.

A war that she must fight alone.

How can she go back to being grounded,

now that she has flown?




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