Poisoning Ourselves

Why can’t we live without ingesting the poison?

Constantly seeking a solution in which we can take joy in.

It’s the carefully brewed potion that kills many souls.

We drink the last drop, while our loved ones dig holes.

The sweet nectar is only the first poison we’ve entered yet.

We seek pleasure so often, that we have sex with the internet.

Addicted, humans are all addicted.

Some so strong, they are conflicted.

Some so weak, they are convicted.

We hold poisons up to our lips, the fiery hell in our face.

This poison, makes us lose our grips, our lazy feet slip off base.

The more poison we ingest, the more we befriend the apothecary.

We don’t know what we’re doing, the decisions are arbitrary.

Yet we do, willfully take in these poisons.

Even the devout, will even sit back and enjoy sins.

If we even knew how to stop the poisoning, would we?

If he could simply unplug it from the wall, should he?

I don’t have the answer, maybe it’s about balance and moderation.

But failing to correctly mask the problem could lead to asphyxiation.

Maybe all we can do, is to stay true to ourselves.

Race towards the heavens, or live in our hells.


Steelers VS. Bengals , Monday Night Rumble

I am not sure how to feel about the game tonight. My first thought is that I hope Ryan Shazier is okay. He suffered a lower back injury and could not move his legs.

This was the hardest hitting, most injury inflicted game I have ever watched. This is not unusual for these two teams who have racked up quite a few concussions playing each other.

I love seeing a physical football game with hard hits but the hit that Steeler’s WR JuJu Smith-Schuster put on Vontez Burfict was tough to watch as a Steeler fan. I will admit that my first reaction was to celebrate because I love JuJu and I despise Burfict. But as I grow as a person, I become more aware that these are human beings out there and the safety of  ALL of the players should come first. It was immaturity at it’s finest and I hope he learns from his mistake.

Lastly, I am so proud of my Steelers for coming back from 0-17 to win the game. This is a special team. The Wizard of Boz strikes again for the game winning field goal. I hope all the players who were carried off the field today have a speedy recovery.

One last note, Andy Dalton is a true professional and who showed it during and after the game. Salute to you Andy.

Go Steelers!

My First Short Story


I recently published my first short story on Amazon/Kindle. It would mean a lot to me if you would download it and let me know what you think.


Here is a synopsis of the book:

“After another dreadful day at his office job, Gabe encounters an older man who seems to know some personal details about Gabe’s life. Gabe is led by the man on a journey through the mountains in search for gold. Gabe experiences both discovery and loss on his trek. Sometimes the greatest discoveries come when we didn’t know we were searching.”

You can find the link to the book right here:

Thanks in advance!

Love or Lust

Two kids, filled to the brim with passion.

They might have called it love but that is something they would find later.

They sit in the car, refusing to leave the other’s company.

He looks at her and they smile because they know what is to come.

She turns her car off, letting him know that she has time.

He holds her hand and thanks her for the ride home.

Their teenage nerves are nearly too much to handle. No matter how many times they sit in this moment, it feels new every time.

She moves closer to him and the cold air surrounding them begins to warm.

No matter how cold the night, their passion cannot be numbed.

He grabs her by her grey-wool coat and presses his lips to hers.

She kisses him with a hunger that she never knew she had.

Sometimes to this day, he can still feel the curls of her hair between his fingers.

Zhara Grace Drake

You are a princess. You are a warrior.

You have been in this world for less than a day, yet you’ve changed my life forever.

I vow to protect you as long as I live on this mortal coil.

I wish the world was ready for you.

There will be people who will try to tell you what you can and connot do because you are a woman; Shatter their suggestions.

You are a princess. You are a warrior.

I love you.

The Celebration of Christopher Columbus: Murderer, Slave Owner, and National Treasure

For far too long, Americans have been celebrating a man who brought terror to thousands of people. Christopher Columbus was not a “brave navigator who discovered the New World”. No, he was a murderer, a rapist, a slave owner and trader, and he was responsible for the genocide of the indigenous people who lived on that land.

Sounds appalling right? He should be condemned for these actions right? In reality, his actions earned him a national holiday. How pathetic.

I would like to believe that his false sense of superiority and cruel ways were buried with him in 1506. Of course I know this to be incorrect. His essence has been apparent in many decisions that have been made in this country. Slavery, torture, sex trade, and other horrific crimes committed in this country were preceded by the man who “discovered” the land, thus the acts became natural.

On this disgraceful holiday, please ask yourself what is right, not what is natural in this country. If interested, please read and learn more about the indigenous people of this land. If you feel so inclined, you can donate to charities such as https://www.naha-inc.org/ .

Happy Indigenous day readers.